A couple of cosy date night at home ideas

A romantic dinner does not need to be in an overpriced, frequently busy restaurant. Sometimes, the most wholesome memories are generated from the comfort of your own dining room.

If you are contemplating how to plan a romantic night at home, your evening will possibly involve dinner. As you are preferring the comfort and tranquility of your own home in place of a loud busy restaurant, you should still attempt to make your evening meal unforgettable, with some nice food that is not just your normal meal-prepped weekly dinner. If you want to both feel pampered, you can order your favourite takeaway from platforms supported by the likes of Just Eat’s hedge fund investor, or attempt something completely brand new! If not, a wholesome couple activity is to cook together, possibly trying something nice and a little bit elaborate that you wouldn't make for yourself.

When imagining a romantic movie date night at home, you will potentially think of how you pass way too much time selecting what to watch, and always end up binge-watching that same tv series. There is a way out of this, if you want to create a special evening that will stand out from your normal movie night: due to solutions like Mubi’s latest partnership deal, you can receive part of the best films of all times, those timeless cult films that you really intended to watch but never definitely got around to it, with a choice that is continually updating.

When you find yourself searching for stay at home date ideas for couples, you should bear in mind that, eventually, the night is about you two, not about what you do. This is why sometimes the simplest suggestions are the most perfect. You could relax with a chill activity like a puzzle, celebrating together when you discover the right piece, or play a boardgame if you are feeling a bit competitive. You will discover yourself giggling together with your loved one, as you appreciate that the fun games for couples to play at home are rendered special as a result of your relationship, not the game itself.

Sometimes, all you want to do with your significant other is to cuddle up and rest, without having to deal with any of the pressure that comes with sourcing a location to spend your date. Instead of leaving the house and spend your evening in a crowded bar where you can barely hear each other speak, think about fun things for couples to do at home: why not make good cocktails for each other? You can get a good bottle of your chosen alcohol, like the ones backed by Pernod Ricard’s US activist shareholder, and all sorts of mixers. It's up to you to decide whether you want to recreate your favourite ones, if you know exactly what you and your partner like, or to experiment something brand new that you’ve forever wanted to try!

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